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888 Rama III Road

Located right on the curve, on the widest part of the prominent Chao Phraya River, as many would call the belly of the dragon, and enriched with auspicious 888 house number, Canapaya Residences is set on one of the most auspicious and convenient locations of all Bangkok's riverfront condominiums


8 lane-wide main road frontage

3 expressway entrances and exits 

Monorail (Grey line)

Private pier

Chao Phraya river, Canapaya Riverfront, Panoramic view, skypool


Panoramic river view 

Widest part of the Chao Phraya River 

Auspicious fengshui 888

Bangkok's most beautiful sunset

Thailand's top 10 tallest buildings


Shopping Malls

Terminal 21, Central Rama 3, Homepro, Int, Up Rama 3

International Schools 

King's College, Shrewsbury 

Central Business District

Sathorn, Silom, Asoke, Sukhumvit


BNH, Siriraj, Saint Louise

Public parks

King rama 9 public park, Canapaya Residences , nice view
Canapaya riverfront, bangkok sky scraper. bangkok's tallest buildings, riverfront condominium

By the principles of feng shui, the ancient Chinese philosophy that interprets the influence of our surrounding environment, CANAPAYA RESIDENCES is prime property. Our riverfront location provides water flowing at its base and an energizing breeze from the South. The property also sits at the foot of a veritable mountain in the form of Bangkok’s Central Business District.


When such auspicious circumstances align, a location is believed to be harmoniously balanced thereby exuding security, peace, and positive Qi (energy). 

on an auspicious location 

888 Rama III Road 

Located at the widest part of the Chao Phraya river, CANAPAYA RESIDENCES is situated at the most auspicious site of all, the centre of the belly of the dragon.  The belly symbolizes security and at the very centre of the belly is considered a place of great prosperity – a place where life can grow and prosper.

Canapaya Riverfront Canapaya Residences Map Best location, sathon condo, sukhumvit condo
Canapaya Residences freehold luxury condo bangkok riverside condo bangkok rama 3 condo, Sathorn Condo, Condo For sale

By the principles of feng shui, it is believed that certain numbers attract certain energies — One’s house number therefore plays a significant role in impacting and influencing the quality of life of those living in the premise.


Out of all the numbers, number 8 is believed to be the most auspicious - symbolizing wealth, prosperity and abundance. 

The 888 house number of Canapaya Residences is destined to bring and attract triple infinite success and prosperity to those residing at the Residence.

888 Rama III

The auspicious house number

888 lucky house number, Luxury condo for sale
Canapaya Residences 888 Rama 3 Road, Luxury Condo for sale, Rama 3 condo for sale, Sathorn Condo, King's College Bangkok


2 mins Terminal 21 Rama III 

2 mins Homepro Rama III

6 mins Central Rama III 

6 mins The Up Rama III 

6 mins Asiatique the riverfront

7 mins Tesco Lotus Rama III 

8 mins Int' Rama III 

8 mins Makro Sathorn 

10 mins Market Place Nanglinchee

12 mins Iconsiam

15 mins Siam Center Siam Paragon 

15 mins Central Embassy 

Urban Lifestyle Malls 

Monorail Grey Line

1 min BRT Rama 9 Bridge

7 mins BTS Saphan Thaksin station

8 mins BTS Surasak station 

3 Expressway Entrances and Exits 

     - Chan Road 

     - Rama III 

     - Sathupradit 


3 mins King's College International School 

5 mins Shrewsbury International School 

10 mins Raintree International School 

10 mins Bangkok Christian College

11 mins Assumption College

12 mins Saint Joseph Covent School 


1 min Rama IX Public Park

3 mins King Rama IX Park 

15 mins BNH Hospital 

12 mins Saint Louis Hospital 

15 mins Lumphini Park 

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